Mundane Monday: Tulips Against the Odds

I took some time off from blogging last week. I had a lot of music to play and my husband was out of town. I’m also still teaching my daughter to drive, which is more fun than I expected. But I am getting back into blogging now, moving into a month of more intense writing in April, when I’m planning to do Camp NaNoWriMo.

This Mundane Monday, there is a tulip, just one, next to the driveway. Tulips need a lot of sun, as I found out back in Massachusetts. I kept planting bulbs in our shady front yard, and unlike the daffodils, they’d come up for a year and then I’d never see them again.

Sun is not the problem here in California. Soon after we moved, my parents gifted our daughter with some Dutch tulip bulbs for Christmas. Being 16 at the time, she was a little nonplussed. Aren’t teenagers supposed to get iTunes gift cards for Christmas? Or how about a nice set of ear buds? It might have made more sense to give them to me than to her, but they did finally get planted. And according to my husband, who did most of the work planting them, the ground was really hard. You can see that hardness in these pictures too. So, in spite of the abundance of sun, we didn’t expect much.

Then, the following March, we saw our first:


And this year, the first in that row is a yellow one, and there are other buds coming:


These tulips are survivors! For the Mundane Monday Challenge #102.

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