cat snuggling under end table

Mundane Monday: Framed Cat

So I hear the Mundane Monday Challenge might be winding down. Only a couple of more weeks! The challenge is to find a mundane object and frame it beautifully. I think I have to settle for interesting, rather than beautiful, when it comes to frames. But I never go wrong with cat pictures.


This is Sadie, whom we adopted a little over a year ago, as an adult from a shelter. When she first came to live with us, she spent most of her time in my daughter’s bedroom. At the 6-month mark, she was the subject of a previous Mundane Monday challenge.  She still had a very limited range then. You can also see her  here and here.

These days she goes downstairs more often and likes to sit under this end table next to the sofa and her scratching post. There is a door to the backyard behind the sofa that she likes to look out of.


Sphinx-like, she seems to think that she can see us, but we can’t see her.




13 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Framed Cat”

    1. She’s good with my daughter, who is her primary caretaker. With me she likes to be brushed and scratched under the chin. But she’s not as friendly with people as other cats I’ve had. She doesn’t like to be picked up, for example. And vet visits are tough. We’ve only had one for that reason, and she was yowling like we’ve never heard before or since.

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    2. She is pretty well behaved and quiet overall. She doesn’t make a mess of things and is very good about the litter box. Sometimes she hears squirrels on the roof and those make her a little agitated but otherwise she doesn’t show much interest in the outdoors. We’re not planning to let her ever go outside; she’s an indoor cat.

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