View from the top of the Hill

Thursday Doors: Lombard Street

Iconic Lombard Street in San Francisco starts at the top of a hill. The view from the top is rather more spectacular than the view from the bottom.

Lombard Streeet
Lombard St. 2017

If you own one of those houses I could imagine the crowds of tourists piling by on foot and in cars might get old. But it was actually very civilized.

There is one door with a plaque that tells you some of the history of the street:


Others are more hidden, as if they don’t want the tourists to see them:


If you make it to the bottom, there are more interesting doors to be seen, like this one with a tree. img_7939

I just had to add this postcard from the 1950s, to compare with my picture above. More greenery, fewer cars! And it looks wider and less steep. I don’t think many of the original buildings are left.

Lombard St 1950s, courtesy of EphemeraObscura

9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Lombard Street”

  1. Nice ones.
    I peddled down Lombard Street when we were there in 2005. Actually I just squeezed the brakes, stood up on the pedals, and hung on for dear life 😀
    I’ve often wondered how the folks who lived there felt about having a constant stream of tourists 365 days a year.

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