Thursday Doors: Candy Cane Lane

Back in Belmont MA, there were two houses right next to each other near a highway exit that went all out with decorations for Christmas. During the rest of the year one of them kind of looked like our house: a standard white colonial with black shutters and a red door. But a few days after Thanksgiving it started, and continued into January: trees, snowflakes, and blinking lights, framing the door and welcoming Christmas visitors.

Not to be outdone, their next-door neighbors put on a similarly bright show, leading up to their own front door:


People would drive in from all over to see these houses. In the featured photo, you can see the outlines of my husband and myself and the two out-of-town visitors we brought to view these lights. One year the houses even made a local “Best-of” list on WBUR.

I was curious what the door light displays would look like when we moved to California last year. As I reported last week, my own modest efforts to bring light-up holiday cheer to our quiet neighborhood in Mountain View were perhaps a little too successful, because someone helped themselves to our decorations.

But if you go a little further afield, there’s plenty of fake snow, Surfing Santas, Disney characters, and scary soldiers to go around. Last year I spent my Dec 4 birthday in Pacific Grove CA, and that night, after my birthday dinner, my husband and I were taking a walk, and a car drove up, rolled down the window and asked: “do you know where Candy Cane Lane is?”

Although we weren’t very helpful to those people (“Huh?”) I did manage to google Candy Cane Lane Pacific Grove on my phone and we headed on over. Santa was all over, around, and above these doors. And my snowman’s cousins looked to be alive and well.

This was also the first time I had seen what looked like a shower of laser meteor snowflakes (or was it more like a red and green rash?) on a house, door, and yard, projected from a little ball in front.

Happy Holidays, and may any wassailers who come to your door be friendly!

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