Mundane Monday: Tree at Sunset

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we drove to southern California and looked at some college campuses with our 17-yo daughter. We also had Thanksgiving dinner at a nice buffet in the hotel where we were staying. The food was good and there was no cooking, cleanup, or leftovers –that’s my kind of holiday!

The days are so short now and we’re back on standard time, which I kind of like because it means you are likely to be outside and see the sunset, even before dinner. I love the light at this time of day. (It’s possible that you get the same kind of light in the morning when the sun comes up, but I’m usually not awake enough, or in the right frame of mind, to see it then).

For example, there was this tree on the UC Santa Barbara campus. It was one of many, but the way the fading light outlined some of the branches was special. I also tried a new art app, called Prisma, and put it through a couple of filters:

This is definitely cheating, so I’m only submitting the original to the Mundane Monday Challenge #86.

17 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Tree at Sunset”

  1. What a beautiful tree (trees and faces I started drawing as a teen). Has been a while I’ve been posting on Mundane Mundane, for lack of time, since I’m running my own challenge ALL SEASONS from Sunday through Wednesday – since you like nature – welcome!

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  2. The light in California is like no other. I just watched the Woody Allen movie, “Cafe Society” and it was filmed in an all golden and shimmery light for the scenes in California. That’s how it looks to me, soft and ethereal, God’s light. It’s not like that here in the east although we have our beautiful light, too. No wonder everyone wants to live in California.

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