Thursday Doors: Trianon Theatre

Designed and built in 1923 by architect William Binder, the Trianon Theatre in San Jose was inspired by Le Petit Trianon, a miniature chateau on the palace grounds of Versailles. The building has been said to be the best example of classic architecture in the city.

Trianon Entrance

I was at this theater for a concert of my son’s, with the San Jose Youth Chamber Orchestra. It’s a wonderful program and an honor for him to have been chosen to play with this group.

Just down the street from this theatre are some eye-catching sculptures. One, called “Overcoming Adversity” had a mattress and some sneakers balanced on its base that Saturday morning.

Overcoming Adversity

I didn’t catch the name of the other sculpture across the street, but it looks colorful next to the matching house, with another Thursday Door just visible up the long staircase.

San Jose Street Art

My son and I were a few minutes late to the pre-concert rehearsal: the familiar combination of an unfamiliar destination for me and just enough dawdling from him. During the drive I was stressed out and trying not to show it.

This isn’t the first time this sort of thing–being the last one to arrive–has happened to me and/or my family. It’s tempting to get exasperated with my son for his foot dragging, but that wouldn’t be fair, or the whole story. I’m not usually early to things either, and as a result I am often late too–just a few minutes, but still. How many times have I posted “Thursday Doors on Friday”?

Bay Area traffic remains unpredictable to me, and the solution to that is apparently to leave home early, to leave extra time. While that sounds like a great idea in principle, I don’t like being early. My reasons are not anything to be proud of, but they still feel real to me: I don’t want to be asked for directions or help when I show up. I especially don’t like trying to make small talk while waiting. I chafe under additional expectations. Being early feels like a burden.

And yet. The fact that we were late to an important pre-concert rehearsal made me feel sorry. And my son was more subdued during the performance than he might have been otherwise. He is 13, he learns what he lives, and I’ve let him down by letting my chronic few-minutes-lateness rub off on him. As his teacher says, it’s good to address it now, while I still have some control. When he is 20 and in college, my chance to influence him directly in this regard will have passed.

So I look at these theatre doors, and these sculptures, as something aspirational. I will try, in the future, to be punctual to set a good example for my son. It’s likely that there will be backsliding and mistakes. I will be late again, sometimes, and I will try not to beat myself up about it too much. But here, as with so many other things, if I want change, let it begin with me.


10 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Trianon Theatre”

  1. I feel your pain and am in the few minutes late camp, but for different reasons. I’m always trying to get one more thing done before I leave the house, How about read while you’re waiting? That what Stephen King does.😘

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    1. Oh, I have that reason too. I’m always trying to finish up what I’m doing so that I don’t leave in the middle and then forget to follow through later. I’ve made a little progress on that front–mostly by not starting things that I should know I won’t be able to finish on time–but not enough.

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  2. There’s certainly no “late” problem with posting a Thursday Doors entry on Friday…or even Saturday. After that, though, it’s too late. 🙂 That theater is quite impressive. Makes me wonder what the inside looks like. I’m an “always early” person, so I’ve had to work on not getting to at least some places too early.


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  3. The trionon – perfect reconnaissance style! LOVE the sculptures!
    Am having a first open house aka art show at 3 pm this Saturday. Let’s see if they in this rural area will come a half hour late like in the city:)

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  4. At least Norm gives us until Saturday to post our doors. This looks like as great place for a concert. I am almost always early for things. I try not to get caught up in the “oh, you’re here, can you help…” stuff, but I hate the stress of trying not to be late.

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    1. I’m hoping my gut will come around to your way of thinking. I also hate the stress of trying not to be late, but this hatred and fear of being early that I have is pretty deep-seated. I recognize it as not rational, but that doesn’t make it any less real. People have suggested knitting, books, and waiting outside in your car if you have to. I already tried that last one (waiting in my car) a couple of nights ago and it was weird. I almost waited too long in the car before getting out!

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  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself. My dad was always late to everything, and so was my mother. In second grade they threatened to hold me back for how often my parents were late to drop me off at school. Now, as an adult I’m annoyingly on time for everything. No joke, I will call someone when I’m falling behind to say I’ll be late and somehow I still manage to be five minutes early. I attribute none of my punctuality to my parents lateness eithe, it never really bothered me being late after the initial discomfort or stresses, there was no obsession over their letting me down, because I didn’t feel let down. I loved them for the scatter brains they are.

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