Mundane Monday: Birds in the Park

The Mundane Monday photo challenge is back!  Finding beauty in mundane things and finding beautiful ways to frame them is the goal of this challenge.

My husband, son, and I went for a walk in a park in Cupertino today, after lunch, to find a couple of geocaches and to catch some Pokemon. While walking around the park I heard a very loud crow coming from above:

caw! caw! caw! caw! caw!

I think his position up there made him seem even louder! And those clouds in the background are fascinating.

Close by, there were also many geese around. These birds are so numerous they are often considered a nuisance. They seemed to have plenty to eat and left us alone.


Mundane birds these may be, but they brightened up our little walk. I’m still impressed by how much wildlife there is in California!

2 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Birds in the Park”

  1. We have a water-storage basin at the park two blogs from us that holds water in the spring from the run off. It’s one of my favorite times of year, seeing the birds stop on their journey through here. There’s just something so calming about them — though they CAN be pretty aggressive at times.

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