Thursday Doors: Old Riga

I’m going back to my Baltic Sea trip in the summer of 2016 for this week’s Thursday door. From the same trip, I’ve previously shown doors in Germany and Estonia for this challenge.

The pictured door was seen in a part of Riga, Latvia, that isn’t on the major tourist destination list. We had a little time before our Segway tour in the afternoon, so we walked around and followed a geocache with multiple waypoints. At one point, our ramblings took us down a deserted side street that looked like it had seen much better days.


The doors and windows are boarded up, and the ivy is creeping up the walls. But wow, look at the beautiful stonework! This building could be a bargain for someone, just contact Sotheby’s, as it says on the sign there:


I also like that little door/gate thingy next to the row houses. Very medieval wall-ish.

After a quick lunch at McDonald’s 😉 we met our tour guide in the city center and saw some of the shinier parts of the city on Segways.


If you’re him (this was our Segway tour guide), you can probably take good pictures of doors while keeping your balance and driving the thing. But I had a bit more of a challenge just staying upright and not running over pedestrians. Segways are fun, though!

7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Old Riga”

    1. Yes, I think they are an upscale auction house. They tried to auction off the “Macdonald” Stradivarius viola for $45 million a few years ago (it didn’t attract a buyer at that price, apparently). Which is why I thought it was interesting that Sotheby’s is the contact for this real estate in Riga.

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