Thursday Doors: Happy Halloween!

Halloween is traditionally a time when you see a lot of doors. It’s dark, and you knock on your neighbors’ doors and ask them for candy. These might be doors you never knock on any other day of the year.

I used the front door of our house in the Boston area once before for a Thursday doors post. That post was a good-bye to the house where we had lived, and an homage to everything that door had seen and had meant to us.

So, here is one of the events that door participated in: several Halloweens ago, just before we went out Trick or Treating. I’m wearing my witch hat but apparently decided to forego the fright wig that year. Our German au pair, Nina, who was living with us at the time, is lovely in her tiara. And meet my son, Darth.

Also note the creatively carved pumpkins and unraked leaves!

Trader Joe’s started selling a Halloween-themed candy/gingerbread house kit several years ago. We bought one and made it for the first time. You can’t actually open this door, but the little bone candy over the top is too cute.

Trader Joe’s Halloween-themed gingerbread house, with door!

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