Close up of St Maurice over the door from 1640

Thursday Doors: House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads

It’s already Friday: TGIF, right?

Except that I missed Thursday Doors on Thursday again.

Last week I was sick on Thursday. This week, my son had what looked like the same ailment: a “cold” in sunny, warm California. What this incarnation looks like is a lack of motivation and wanting to spend a lot of time in bed.

But even worse, and more to the point, I thought I was out of good pictures of doors. I’ve taken a couple while I was out geocaching, and neither of them inspires at the moment. I also have a picture of a Halloween-themed door but I want to wait a bit to post that one.

So I decided it was time to look through travel photos. I have a lot of travel photos and I’ve been thinking about when and how to post them. This isn’t officially a “Travel Blog” as in, I don’t write reviews or make recommendations. But travel does inform my blogging and my writing. And as I looked through the old photos, I discovered that I took pictures of doors before I ever knew about blogging or photo challenges. I was already a member of the Thursday Doors club in spirit.

So here is one from my trip this past summer to Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea. It may be the only time in my life that I visit the region. Most days on this trip we had nice weather, but in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, not so much. We walked around the old town in the rain, with cheap, touristy umbrellas.


At one point we came to this building, known as “House of the Blackheads,” (or, if you don’t want your google search to give you all Clearasil ads on the first page, “House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads”). The Saint over the door is St. Maurice (Morris, or Moritz) an African warrior, Christian martyr, and leader of the legendary Roman Theban legion in the 3rd century C.E.

According to wikipedia, the brotherhood traces its origin to a group of merchants who participated in the defense of Tallinn during the St. George’s Night Uprising between 1343 and 1345. Although its roots are military, it is now mostly a social and commercial organization.  We saw buildings for the group on this trip in other cities as well. This door dates from 1640.


9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads”

  1. This is a very old and interesting door!
    And how fun that you were attracted to doors long before blogging- and I was actually a part of a large door group before norm started his challenge in 2014. You should check it out – it is by Adrian and it is called the door whores- lol – but he is a cool dude and he shared admin so folks can add doors on their own.
    Back to this post
    Laughing at the clearasil joke. – you are funny 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Somehow I missed your Thursday door last week. Wow, if you are visiting Estonia, you might as well have a travel blog (I bet not many who do advise, have actually been in Estonia, lol). What a beautiful door! Hope your son got over his cold:)

    Liked by 1 person

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