A suburban evergreen with brown branches due to drought

Postcards From the Drought, Part 2: Evergreen

Last year when we moved to CA we heard a lot about the drought. We also heard that El Niño was coming and that this past winter was going to be better. Yes, it was better, there was rain, but not nearly enough to make up for 4 years of drought conditions.

Redwoods in Sunnyvale from a distanceThis morning, for today’s contribution to the geocaching streak, I went to find a cache called “Forever Green.” It was hidden in a cluster of redwood trees.

The coordinates were a little bit off (and I’m bad at finding tree caches anyway) so I ended up searching a couple of different trees before I found the cache. Standing under the trees’ cool canopies, looking up through the branches, I noticed something strange.

None of the trees were fully green anymore. Mixed branches were dying, leaving a patchwork of green and brown.  You wouldn’t even notice this from the outside. These aren’t the big coastal redwoods that everyone talks about, they are just some smaller ones in a suburban park. They are showing the same stress observed all over the state.

Brown Branches under the Redwood Canopy


3 thoughts on “Postcards From the Drought, Part 2: Evergreen”

  1. We had even less El Niño rain down here in SoCal and our trees are really showing the stress. It doesn’t seem right that other parts of the country are experiencing record flooding while we are desperate for any rain at all. I’m sure Louisiana would share if they could.

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