Mundane Monday: A Shark ate my Car

A parked car is pretty mundane. But the “frame,” of the shark street art, is not:


I took this photo in Warnemuende, Germany, on a beach day when the weather wasn’t very beachy. Germany is a great place for mundane, and not-so-mundane street art:

I also found a salon run by my namesake! For the Mundane Monday Challenge #69.



6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: A Shark ate my Car”

  1. It must feel so surreal to have been in Germany and be back just before all the shootings started. My daughter had the same experience when she was in the Brussels airport the day before the bombing. Sad for the Europeans and all of us, really. Glad you are home safe, Karen.

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    1. I was in Munich about a month ago. The shootings weren’t far from where our hotel was. I emailed our friends in Munich and they were fine but on lockdown until the shooter was found and killed. It reminded me of my own situation a few years after the Boston Marathon bombing. We were sheltering in place all day until they found the remaining suspect hiding in a boat less than a mile from our house.


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