Mundane Monday Travel: Eiffel Tower

Paris is not usually considered a mundane place, but it may be for the people who live there. Pho Trablogger’s Mundane Monday challenge now asks photographers to find unique frames for mundane objects.

When we visited the Eiffel Tower last month, it was closed due to a strike.


The European men’s soccer championship (UEFA Euro 2016) was, and still is, taking place in France during this time, and the Tuileries were full of blue-and-yellow Swedish soccer fans on that particular day. The tower also had a big soccer ball hanging in it in honor of the tournament.


The closest view I had of the Eiffel tower was from below, a bit like my power tower shot of a few weeks ago. From there, the tower itself makes a very non-mundane frame for the soccer ball. (P.S. Go Germany!)


6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Travel: Eiffel Tower”

  1. You know that they say of the Montparnasse tower that the view of Paris from top is the best because then you do not see the ugly tower. By extension, the best views of Paris are from below the Eiffel tower.

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