Music of the Night

Last Monday evening I was at the dress rehearsal for my recent orchestra concert. During rehearsal, the sun went down, the moon came out. It was just starting to grow, curve bulging toward the right, in the shape of a “D,” a waxing crescent. My phone camera freaked out, trying to capture this distant shape, the little center square moving in and out of focus.


When the rehearsal was over I still needed to find a geocache for the day to keep my streak alive (I am now up to 138 consecutive days). There is one in a park near the church where we play. By day, the park is a cheerful place where kids play soccer and adults play tennis. By night, with the strains of the “Phantom of the Opera” still ringing in your ears, it looks a little different.


The dim light, activating only the rod cells in your dark-adapted eyes, bleaches the color away. The geocache hiding place, under a cement block under a tree, looked a little like a gravestone. I found the cache, signed the log, and went home as quickly as I could.

I am submitting these photos to the Mundane Monday challenge for their eerie beauty.

The concert itself took place, appropriately, on Friday the 13th. Some of the music was eerie . . .

. . .some less so.

Two contrasting pieces, both “Music of the Night!”


10 thoughts on “Music of the Night”

  1. Love both of these pieces of music. I remember our school orchestra used to try to play the Mozart when the school was walking out of assembly. What a cacophany of sound with the violins battling to keep up with one another. In spite of this, I’ve always loved it. 🙂 I think your phone camera did quite a good job with the moon.

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  2. I played Phantom at an Area All State music festival in high school. It was a fun piece to play. Phantom was also the very first Broadway show I went to see in NYC. Thanks for sharing it!

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