Backyard Surprises

In Massachusetts I spent a fair amount of time thinking about my garden. I had daffodil bulbs that I got as a free offer from the Breck’s catalog that came up for at least 8 years . . .


. . . and tulips that looked fluorescent when the sun struck them just right.


I was sorry to leave them, them and the bunnies, when we moved to California last summer.


But this week, after the rains came back this winter following a 4-year drought, I found this blooming in my new backyard:


Right next to the pomegranate bush. It looks exotic, almost like a botanical garden, 3 feet from the back door.

The woman who used to own our house passed away last year. Her son, who sold us the house, lives in Delaware. I doubt he ever saw them. I thank her for the belated housewarming gift, and I offer this picture for Pho Trablogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge #55.

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