Belated Mundane Monday: Bermuda Buttercup

Pho Trablogger has a weekly challenge asking people to photograph the beauty in mundane, everyday things. Entrants have the rest of the week to enter, until the following Monday.

This type of challenge appeals to me. I have to say, this theme–mundane, everyday objects–describes most of my photography. I never expected that having an iPhone camera would result in my taking as many pictures as I do. I still remember film cameras–heck, I still remember Polaroid cameras. I have some pictures from those, and even posted scans of them for another challenge.

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Beethoven for the Bucket List

My musical life since moving to CA has been a little “all over the place.” So far I’ve taken this year to sample different orchestras and different instruments. Do I want to play violin, viola, or both? Which orchestra has the best fit for me with respect to rehearsal venue, concert venue, conductor, repertoire, and community?

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Geocaching Intro App for iPhone: A How To Guide

This is a great guide to using the iPhone app for geocaching from Sarah at The Geocaching Junkie. I have gotten much better at keeping up with logging since I started using an app!

The Geocaching Junkie

TheGeocaching Intro App is free to download on the App Store. There is a paid version of the app, but this is no longer being developed by Groundspeak, so hopefullythe Intro App will eventually contain all the features of the paid app (and more!).

The following post goes through all the features of the Intro App and will hopefully show you how tooptimise it for your geocaching needs.

Getting Started

If you search for ‘geocaching’ in the App Store, one of the first, if notthe first result returned is’Geocaching Intro’. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to log in using your username and password. If you don’t have one yet, the app gives you the option to sign up or to connect with Facebook.

iphone app collage

If you are using the Intro App and you do not have a premium member account, you will not be able to…

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