Mundane Monday: My Writing Desk

Our house in CA has two “living rooms.” We didn’t have the same configuration in our old house, so our furniture didn’t quite fill the space. We got a nice old rolltop desk off of Craigslist, which I now use for writing.

The pull handles remind me of the ones on the desk and nightstand I had as a child: ornate, but not too ornate, with curlicues and crests and ruffles, the top drawer pull a different color than the rest from being pulled more often. The desk is both mundane and beautiful, and is my entry for Mundane Monday #52. It doesn’t quite feel like “mine” yet.

I tend to sit here for business more than for creativity. For creative writing, I lie on the couch. I don’t really like to sit in chairs, especially not with both feet on the floor. (I hate when someone is leading me in meditation and they say “relax, sit with your back straight, put both feet on the floor.” That derails my relaxing process for a few seconds.)

FullSizeRender 69

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