Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I’m in an online fiddling group that has been posting recordings of jigs for St. Patrick’s Day. Alas, I’m not even a little Irish, as far as I know, but I love the fiddle music.

I was in Ireland almost 10 years ago in the summer of 2006, on the way home from visiting my husband’s family in Germany. There were some good deals on Aer Lingus.

I had just started playing the violin again, and I found a nice book of Irish Fiddle tunes to play around with. The book came with a CD and I used to listen to it on my iPod while climbing the stairs at work for exercise (I worked on the 6th floor and I tried to take the stairs at least once a day).  These tunes were good for awakening the long-dormant muscle memory.

For St. Patrick’s Day, several people in the group have posted jigs. This is my jig entry, “Gusty’s Frolics.” It seems appropriate for the weather in Ireland, which was often pretty gusty, but we frolicked anyway.


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