Mundane Monday: Happy Pi Day!

IMG_4990I have several geeky T-shirts. One has the first page of the score from Beethoven’s Eroica on it. Another shows a brain lifting weights. Yet another, pictured above and at left, celebrates “pi day,” March 14, (3.14), which also happens to be Einstein’s birthday.

Last year, at 9:26, was the biggest pi day of the century (3/14/15 9:26), but this year’s is still pretty good, if you round up. You know you’re in Silicon Valley when people in the grocery store recognize a pi day T-shirt. I was even able to wear the T-shirt to a pi-day geocaching event this morning.

But how is pi day a mundane Monday? I’d say that mathematics is one of the original ways to find beauty in the mundane. This piece of music is a violin solo composed by Steven Rochen, based on the digits of pi to 220 decimal places.

There are circles everywhere, and they are all described by the same ratio of circumference to diameter.

Pi goes to infinity and beyond!

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