Image of the Week: Lighting up brain cancer

In honor of Brain Awareness Week, I am reblogging this article from the Wellcome Trust blog about ‘tumour paint,’ an experimental drug that literally lights up brain cancer, making it easier for surgeons to cut out more of a tumor while leaving normal tissue undamaged. You can read more about this linked story ‘Light at the end of the scalpel’.

Wellcome Trust Blog

Brain-animation-gif Peta Bell and Grzegorz Krzeszowiec

This week’s image comes from Mosaic, the Wellcome Trust’s online magazine dedicated to exploring the science of life, which this week celebrates two years since its launch.

Launched in 2014, Mosaic publishes a compelling in-depth story every week about the people, ideas and trends that drive biology and medicine and affect our lives, health and society. It’s also open access: all Mosaic’s articles can be reproduced and distributed for free under a Creative Commons licence, and they appear frequently in media all over the world.

To mark their second birthday, Mosaic has teamed up with popular London literary event 5×15 to present Reports from the Future of Medicine, an evening of stories, inspiration and entertainment. The event will take place on Wednesday 16 May 2016 at 7pm at Conway Hall in London.

Join Mosaic and hear from five of their writers on…

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