Fall Colors in my Backyard

Another installment in a series of photo essays about Belmont, MA, my former hometown.

New England, where I used to live, is famous for its fall colors and “leaf peeping.” There were a few years that we went for a drive up north into New Hampshire, but mostly it was all right to stay put there in Belmont, a suburb of Boston, MA.

I could just open my door, walk around, and take pictures with my phone. One afternoon in November, my daughter had a bassoon lesson at Powers Music School in Belmont Center. Some of the music school’s classrooms were in a church, and I could walk from there to other churches, schools, and the public library in the 45 minutes it took my daughter to have her lesson.

I also get a chance to try out the gallery feature in Word Press. How does it look? Pretty nice, I think. Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.

California has its own beauty, but this time of year, I need to pause and acknowledge what I miss.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.49.15 PM

4 thoughts on “Fall Colors in my Backyard”

      1. In the Mid Hudson Valley. We’re on the side of the river which makes CT, MA and VT our neighbors to the east! I’d say we’re 20 minutes away from Danbury. I spent many a year, growing up, on vacation at Cape Ann, Northeast of Boston. Have cousins who live just Southeast of Boston. My mom grew up in Jamaica Plain.

        One of my favorite places anywhere is in Rowe, in the Berkshires! Specifically the Camp and Conference Center.

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