NaNo 2015 Prep

What? It’s that time already? The calendar has barely switched into October, and I realize that IT’S TIME TO PREP FOR NANOWRIMO!

I’ve only done it twice before, in 2012 and in 2014. Well, I tried in 2011 but didn’t get very far. And in 2014 I wrote most of the 50,000 words in the last week. Gee, that was fun.

This is the first year I’ve seen NaNoWriMo as being like a holiday of sorts, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. It’s an old friend, or maybe a cranky, argumentative relative who you nonetheless look forward to getting together with every year when the weather gets colder and you have to stay indoors.

If the weather even gets cold here. Not really.

A little sadly I signed out of the Boston area home region and into the South Bay home region. The South Bay region has a couple of weekly write-ins in San Jose (Tuesday 9 am, at Barnes and Noble, Almaden/85) and Santa Clara (Thursday 12 noon at Chromatic Coffee). I think it would be good for me to build a write-in into my weekly schedule, that’s a good way to carve out time. Anyone else reading this planning to do it who’d like to be a writing buddy? Leave a comment 🙂

I’m a little ambivalent about doing it again so soon, given that the previous two novels I wrote during NaNo aren’t in any shape to be published. But, I’m an author now, right? The Los Altos Town Crier said so.

And while I wasn’t thrilled with that week of writing dangerously last year, even at its worst it was a lot better than home improvement and construction projects, which is what my life has been for the past 3 months. It’s time to move on.


12 thoughts on “NaNo 2015 Prep”

      1. You’re right, it’s very hard in college. It’s one of the busier months since it’s getting closer to finals, so I only got through the first week or two both times I tried it. That’s great to hear about your daughter. I hadn’t met anyone who did the young writer’s program, but it sounds like a great program in general from what I’ve seen.

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  1. Yay, I’m looking forward to NaNoWriMo, too. 2014 was my first one, and I pantsed it all the way, so I definitely know what you mean about the resulting crazy-messy manuscript. This month I’m really going to try to get a solid outline ready before taking the plunge again.

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    1. Last year I had a short story that I tried to turn into a novel. I think there is enough there to be a novel but I ended up adding several major plot twists and new characters and they didn’t all fit. The protagonist got a lot more interesting, which was good.

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  2. I’m a little sad to give a pass to NaNoWriMo this year, especially now that I’ve “met” so many writers preparing for it. The novel draft from NaNo 2012 is dogging me to finish it and that’s what I am working on now. Best wishes for this November!
    We’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel, so writing madly for a month does sound like a vacation. I’ve been snorting drywall dust for the last two days!

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    1. The kitchen feels like the one room we didn’t remodel when we moved. We remodeled the master bath, and redid all the doors, outlets, and light switches in the entire house, and had the garage painted. We replaced light fixtures and bulbs with LEDs. The painters will be gone next week, and then all we’ll have left to do is installing solar panels, and hanging up pictures. We want to replace a lot of the lawn with drought-resistant plants but I’m tired. And winter is coming. My husband said he wanted to replace the garage doors too and I said, I just need a break!


      1. I get that. I plan on going to actual write in myself this year but the virtual ones give another option if I’m under the weather or even on my lunch hour at work.

        But I totally get the getting out of the house. I didn’t go to any actual write ins last year but I did do most of my writing at the public library.

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