Postcards From the Drought

We aren’t living in our new house yet, because we are still waiting for furniture and contractors to finish. But we already got a warning on our front porch:

Warning for watering on the wrong day

We go over there most days to supervise contractors and check things out, but we hadn’t ever seen the sprinklers running. They were on a mysterious timer in the garage. The greenness of the lawn did suggest that they were still on “realtor” setting to make the house more attractive for selling. This confirmed it. I turned the system off completely. One of the contractors showed me how to turn it on manually if I want to, during the approved times, but I’m not sure I should.

This past weekend we went to another CITO geocaching event. I brought Hallie. We found our first caches in California not long after getting off the plane the first weekend. We were even FTF on one of them, and while we were there looking for it, we met a young cacher who told us about this event this weekend, at the Lexington Reservoir. (All these Massachusetts town names keep coming up: not just at the Lexington Reservoir, but also near our new address on Beaumont Square. When we say “Beaumont” to people, they hear “Belmont,” our old hometown. Not only that, but Beaumont Sq is within walking distance of Cambridge Ln, Waltham St, Newton Dr, Woburn Ct, and Waverley Pl. Coincidence?)

Lexy Reservoir today

The reservoir looks low, and another cacher and longtime area resident confirmed it. He said that when he was younger they used to be able to waterski and fish on this lake.

Dry creekbed

We filled our small bag with trash pretty quickly and decided to find some of the other caches in the area. One was called “gravity overcomes friction” and you needed to climb up a hillside. On the way up, we crossed what looked like a dry creekbed.

I had to find a way up that avoided the bushes to keep my legs from getting scratched. The view from near the cache zone was worth it!

View from near the cache. Friction temporarily overcame gravity!
View from near the cache. Friction temporarily overcame gravity!

I’m going to end with another picture of a path, because I’m still not tired of pictures of paths and roads 😉 You can see how everything is not green, even now in the middle of summer.

The road less travelled . . .
The road less travelled . . .

3 thoughts on “Postcards From the Drought”

  1. You may want to reconsider about the sprinklers being off completely. It will take a very short time for the lawn to dry up. Switching to twice a week while the lawn is nice and green may just keep it OK through the summer. I am considering ways to reduce the lawn in both the front and back yards to conserve more water.

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