Panorama Tree

IMG_2878I have lived in Belmont, Massachusetts since 2003, for over 12 years. We bought this house and moved in right before my son was born, because we needed more space. It’s the only place he has ever lived. Now that I am moving across the country, I want to post and commemorate some of my favorite spots around Belmont.

I try to be regular about taking a walk every day, especially now that I don’t walk my kids to school anymore. It helps me get 10,000 pedometer steps in a day, and it’s easy on summer mornings.These walks have helped me to get to know my immediate neighborhood, too,

There is a lovely church on the corner that I pass every time I walk. I don’t attend this church, but it has facilities, such as a kitchen and a gym, that the community uses for scout meetings and parties. It also has this tree, which I hadn’t really looked at quite like this before. I used to use the panorama function on my camera quite a lot, but I forgot about it once I got the iPhone. Not anymore. From the roots to the top branches, this tree is special. It looks like it should have a treehouse.

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