The Book is Launched!

Geocaching GPS, a short story anthology with my story, “Bobbing for Bob,” is now available at GeoWoodstock XIII! When the conference is over, it is also available at as a paperback and a Kindle edition.

Either my husband or I (or both) had been hoping to be there, but we’ve had a rough week. His father passed away on Wednesday and we are leaving for Germany tomorrow for the Memorial Service.

I’m looking forward to reading it when I get back. There are a total of 43 different stories, and a Forward by Bryan Roth, a co-founder of Geocaching. The stories are placed in different categories in the book: Romance, Adventure, Connection. A few pages, including the Forward, are already available online in the Kindle edition.

Although I think my story could have gone into any of the categories, it’s in “Stories of Adventure.” I wrote about diving for a cache named Bob in Hawaii, and in the process trying to overcome a kind of deep-seated fear that I have of diving into deep water. I didn’t make it all the way past that fear during the cache find. Although I did make it to the bottom of the buoy where the cache was attached, it was my husband who was ultimately able to make the find and bring the cache container to the surface.

But what made it a story of connection and romance too, in my opinion, is that tough things, difficult things like facing your fears of drowning, are best done together, with someone you love.


5 thoughts on “The Book is Launched!”

  1. So sorry to hear about your father-in-law, Karen. Good luck with all of it, logistics included.
    Please let me know when your story comes out in paperback so I can get a copy.
    Safe travels!

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    1. Thanks, this is an old post. My FIL passed away last May 😦

      I put this post on the front page, with other geocaching posts, to coincide with my reading at the library. The book is available in paperback. Volume 2 should be coming out in July!


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